WWF highlights benefits of MCDI's work for local people

WWF today published an article highlighting the benefits for local people of MCDI's work on sustainable logging and FSC certification.

“Before FSC, we used to get 100 Tanzanian shillings per tree and this wasn’t always guaranteed since most of this timber was being harvested illegally. This money was not enough for us to do anything,” says Rafii Hashim, a farmer and logger from Kisangi village, one of the first to be certified in MCDI's group certificate scheme. But “We are now making over 100,000 Tanzanian shillings for every cubic meter we harvest,” he goes on to say.

Joseph Kigula, National PFM Coordinator, sums up: “This is their money and their forest. They decide when and how to use the revenue collected from sustainably sourced trees.” Kisangi have plans to use the money from timber sales to build better houses for their village nurses and midwife so that they will be happy to stay in the village.