MCDI’s key achievements during 2013

In 2013, we registered an additional village under our FSC Group Scheme, bringing the total to eight, and increasing the area of certified forest from 21,737 ha to 82,737 ha. Villages under the scheme have earned over TSh 150 million (more than USD $92,000) since it was launched in 2009, of which 47% stem from sales in 2013. Growing this revenue is central to our long term strategy, and so we commissioned research to identify international markets for five locally prized woods (you can download the report here).

Our REDD project in the Kilwa District neared fulfilment with the initiation of early burning in two Village Land Forest Reserves (VLFRs). Early burning is MCDI’s preferred strategy to reduce carbon emissions resulting from frequent uncontrolled bush fires in the local miombo woodlands.

We took the Mama Misitu Campaign on illegal logging to ten villages and continued to raise awareness about Participatory Forest Management (PFM) as a solution.