Our Staff

Management Team

Makala Jasper

Makala Jasper  Chief Executive Officer

BSc in Forestry; MBA in Leadership and Sustainability. I have been working for MCDI ever since it was established in 2004. I am passionate about our cause, because of the tangible changes we bring to the lives of poor people. Our strategy of bringing about development through forest conservation is very important and it makes us unique. When I am not working I enjoy travelling, because you can learn a lot from exploring news things in life.

Likes: traditional Tanzanian dishes
Dislikes: drinking beer

Jonas Timothy

Jonas Timothy – Director of Field Operations - Head of Landscape & Restoration Department

Diploma in Forestry. I have been working for MCDI since its inception in 2004, and still enjoy it every day! This might be because I love 'the bush life' and staying outdoors, which I can do a lot during my visits to the communities where we work. My favorite moments are evenings staying around a camp fire, hearing stories from different groups of people. My favourite animals are African hunting dogs.

Likes: beer
Dislikes: strong spirits

Glory Massao

Glory Massao – Group Certification Manager (FSC) - Head of Certification Department

MSc in Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture. I started working for MCDI in 2010. My favorite parts of the job are working with my fantastic colleagues, who all are equally committed to the work we are doing. I also enjoy visiting the villages where we work; sometimes it takes time for local people to grasp the processes involved in managing their forests, but the feeling when they really understand and are grateful is very rewarding.

Likes: cooking, baking cakes, and watching soap operas
Dislikes: drinking beer (but a bit of wine is OK!)

Yuvenal Pantaleo

Yuvenal Pantaleo – Project Manager & Assistant Group Certificate Manager

MSc in GIS and Natural Resources Management. I've been working with MCDI since 2010, before which I worked for WWF-Tanzania as a voluntary Technical Field Assistant. This job is an adventure to me because I love nature and interacting with different people. It's also so rewarding to be able to actually see the benefits nature can provide when communities act to manage it responsibly - it truly changes lives. In my spare time I like travelling to experience new ideas and cultures. 

Likes: seafood, cold beer and fresh juice
Dislikes: soda

Innocent Anthony

Innocent Anthony  Marketing & Sustainability Manager - Head of Marketing & Communications Department

Bachelor of Business Administration; Master of International Business(MIB). I have been working for MCDI since August 2019. I am so grateful to see that the economic and social needs of the villages supported by MCDI are improving.

Likes: Listening to music and watching movies
Dislikes: Staying Idle

Emme Abel – Finance Officer - Head of Finance & Administration Department 

Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Throughout my career I have been working in finance departments of several organizations. I started working for MCDI in 2012, and enjoy learning about the importance of conserving community forests - the work is very rewarding because of all of the positive changes we have helped bring about. In my spare time I like singing gospel songs and enjoy farming.

Likes: stewed meat with banana, soda or fruit juice
Dislikes: seafood, e.g. octopus and prawns, and beer

Kassim Ulega

Kassim Ulega – Technical Analyst and Communication Officer - Head of Finance/Administration & Marketing/Communication Departments

BSc in Infomation Communication Technology. I have been interested in IT ever since I was young and studied computing at university. I have been working for MCDI since 2015, where I enjoy being able to help my colleagues with their (many!) computer crises, and get motivated when I see villagers excited about our support. When I am not working I love to relax and to chat with friends.

Likes: my favorite food is ugali with fish and I like to drink water. I also like the rainy season in Tanzania when it isn't too hot
Dislikes: Wasting time

The Rest of Our Team

Certification Department

Iddi Hamisi

Iddi Hamisi – Senior Field Officer

Bachelor of Arts with Education (Geography). I've been employed by MCDI since 2013, and enjoy working with nature and forests; seeing the benefits they bring to local people's livelihoods. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music as a way to refresh and clear my mind.

Likes: Cold weather, chickens and the colour blue
Dislikes: Hot weather, whiskey, cats and the colour red

Benjamin Kisoka

Benjamin Kisoka - Field Officer

BSc in Wildlife Management. I started working for MCDI since March, 2018. I really enjoy working at MCDI because we work as a team to ensure we succeed on conserving biodiversity.

Likes: Reading books, Bird watching, Watching animal documentaries

Dislikes: Drinking Beer, Soda, Wine

Joseph Protas

Joseph Protas – Field Officer

BSc in Environmental Sciences and Management. I've been working for MCDI since August 2014. I especially enjoy visiting the villages where we work and watching communities really get engaged in forests conservation activities and earning money from sustainable timber. In my spare time at the weekends I like watching movies or football.

Likes: soft drinks
Dislikes: smoking cigarettes and drinking beer

Monitoring & Evaluation Department

Eward Mosha

Eward Mosha – Senior Field Officer

Bachelor of Arts with Education. I started working for MCDI in 2013. I really enjoy it because we work as a team we understand each other and live like a family; staff are so kind the door is open to anybody who wants to learn more about what we do here. Our interaction with communities is also next to none and we help them realise the benefits of forests for their livelihoods, so they understand and become fully committed to preserving them. After work, I normally like to make stories with my friends and exchange ideas about work.  

Likes: watching football (Chelsea fan!) and the colour blue (obviously - Chelsea)
Dislikes: spiced food (pilau)

Landscape & Restoration Department

Joel Fares

Joel Fares - Project Administrator

BSc in Cultural Anthropology and Tourism. I worked as a part time tutor at the National College of Tourism before starting at MCDI in 2013. I like how supportive the management team at MCDI is, and in general the good working atmosphere and cooperation between staff. At the weekends, I like to go dancing and to watch movies.

Likes: Serengeti beer, black and white colours, and my favorite animals are dogs
Dislikes: Nothing

Marketing & Communication Department

Paolo Kwilanga

Paolo Kwilanga – Driver Cum Mechanic

I've been with MCDI since 2013. As a driver, I enjoy it when we expand to new villages, so that I can travel to new places and see the forests they have there. I am a mechanic and chainsaw operator by trade.

Likes: Fruit juice
Dislikes: Gossip

Finance & Administration Department

Lucy Boniphace

Lucy Boniphace  – Office Administrator and Personal Assistant to the CEO

B.A in Geography and Environmental Studies. I have joined MCDI since October 2017. I love working in conservation areas since nature is life and life is nature. Being close to the communities that practice forestry is what makes my career.

Likes: Outing,Dancing and listening to the music

Dislikes: None

Trezia Nyika

Trezia Nyika – Accounts Clerk

Diploma in Community Development. I began working for MCDI after receiving my Diploma. I am passionate about this line of work because I like to serve communities by helping them to participate in forest conservation. Besides that, the organisation is very supportive to its staff and my colleagues are great.

Likes: dancing at weddings and listening to gospel music
Dislikes: cooked bananas, mushrooms and seafood

Fatuma Saidi

Fatuma Saidi – Office Assistant

I have been working for MCDI since 2009, and have a background in cooking and cleaning. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing to traditional music.

Likes: Ugali and beans
Dislikes: Mlenda